FolderSpy monitors folders for file changes

FolderSPy is a tiny application that allows you to monitor any directory for any changes. The changes might include creation of new files, file deletion, file modification or even renaming. FolderSpy can then alert you with a sound alarm whenever it detects a change. It can even detect changes in file and folder size.

FolderSpy is very useful for monitoring private and sensitive files – files that shouldn’t change unless you allow it to. If anybody changes these files you will know it from the log files. The sound alarm can be disabled and the program can be hidden so that the intruder doesn’t know his actions are being monitored.


FolderSpy can monitor any directory recursively. This allows you to monitor entire drives. However, it can’t monitor multiple folders. One major annoyance is that the program doesn’t remember the settings. You have to configure it every time you want to monitor a folder, or you can just keep it running – never close the window but stop the monitoring when you don’t need it.

Another minor annoyance is that the log files aren’t in English (see screenshot), but you can guess what’s going on and you will even learn to read them in course of time.

Previously we wrote about a similar application called Spy-The-Spy. This one is capable of monitoring multiple folders. But it has it’s own limitation – Spy-The-Spy can monitor only EXE or DLL files being added or renamed. Spy-The-Spy is more of a spyware detection tool (hence the name) while FolderSpy is a general purpose file monitor.

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