Make your computer sound like those in movies

You must have noticed computers in movies keep making weird beeps and sounds whenever the actor is using the keyboard or hacking into the mainframe. Thanks to Nullsoft (the makers of Winamp), you can replicate these sounds on your computer.


The software called Nullsoft Beep emits important sounding geeky little beeps whenever you use the keyboard or the screen updates. It also makes a low hum on the speaker that varies in intensity depending on the CPU load. Aside from making your computer sound important, these beeps makes an interesting feedback system on the CPU load. I’m loving this application.

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    Congrats on finding an 8 year old piece of software.

  2. Anonymous Reply


  3. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    Yes, it's old but still good, isn't it? 😀

  4. Anonymous Reply

    What an embarrassment.

  5. Anonymous Reply

    Thanks for the belated heads up. This is my kinda nonsense.

  6. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    I can't understand the hostility. It's for fun guys!

  7. Anonymous Reply

    Cant find a similar app for linux..

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