SaveFace automatically resets Facebook privacy settings

Please pardon the slew of Facebook privacy related posts in recent weeks, and bear with me one more time as I write about yet another application that emerged out of the Facebook privacy mess.

SaveFace is a simple Bookmark utility that automatically resets your Facebook settings to restore your privacy online.

Simply drag this bookmarklet (SaveFace) to your browser’s bookmark bar, login to Facebook and click on the bookmark. SaveFace will automatically set your privacy settings back to Friends Only, for all the following:

  • Contact Information
  • Search Settings
  • Friends, Tags and Connections
  • Personal Information and Posts

saveface (1) saveface (2) saveface (3) saveface (4)

Unlike, the ReclaimPrivacy bookmark which only scans your privacy settings, SaveFace actually sets them in order without you having to raise a finger. This is really helps in untangling yourself from the bewildering web of privacy options.

After I ran SaveFace, I scanned it with ReclaimPrivacy once more. Everything was perfect. Highly recommended for all Facebook users.


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