Synchronize files between Skydrive and your computer

You must be aware of applications such as Skydrive Explorer and Gladinet that lets you use your online Skydrive account as a local folder on the hard disk. Although these tools make it easy for the user to access files on Skydrive as if they are stored locally, what these applications are missing is a synchronizer.

SkyDrive Synchronizer is a command line application that brings synchronization to Skydrive. This free application, currently in beta, allows users to synchronize files on a local folder on the hard disk to a specific location on their SkyDrive account.


SkyDrive Synchronizer doesn’t have a GUI. All configuration are stored in an XML file that you have to edit prior to using the application. Editing is easy because all settings are explained via comment tags in the file.

The basic settings are your Skydrive username and password, source folder on your hard drive and destination folder on Skydrive. You can also set the direction of synchronization, i.e, upload local files to Skydrive or download files on Skydrive to hard disk.

Additional settings proxy host names and IP, timeout duration, options to delete files both on source and target folders, update local files, update remote files, split files larger than a certain size, and a scheduler.

Once you have edited and configured all necessary settings, simply double click the API.WindowsLive.SkyDrive file to start the synchronization process.

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    it don't work anymore its 2 bad cause I really liked this product

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