Winyl – A simple but attractive new audio player

Years ago the only decent audio player available for Windows was Winamp. You would find one copy on every machine during the Windows 98 era and the early days of Windows XP. Today users have more choice and much better audio players and organizers – Foobar2000, AIMP and MediaMonkey to name a few.

Another new audio player that you might want to checkout is Winyl.


Winyl is a free audio player for windows with media library support. It quickly scans your music collection and sorts them out by artist, album, genre, year and so on. You can set ratings and create playlists.

Winyl is also an Internet radio player with plenty of built-in radio stations including Shoutcast stations.

Functionality wise Winyl is a bit lacking. For instance, you can’t edit library information like genre and year. It doesn’t even download album covers. But if you aren’t trying to do too much with a music player other than just listen to music, you can easily overlook these small cavets.

And yes, Winyl is extremely fast and nimble. It’s skinnable too.

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