Radian, the radial application launcher

We have seen application launchers of all shapes and sizes. Here is a new launcher with a new shape.

Radian is a radial application launcher. The launcher is triggered by holding down the right mouse button for a few seconds to reveal a small circular ring. The ring is divided into four sections – each section slides open a radial shaped slice.


Each slice can hold 6 shortcuts and can be configured separately. You can place custom shortcuts to a slice by dragging and dropping or using the browse button to locate any program, file or folder. Or you can place the shortcuts from Windows’ Quick-Launch into one slice and contents from the Desktop into another slice.


Because a slice can hold only 6 shortcuts you have to be selective which shortcuts you want to place. For instance you can have a dozen or more shortcuts in Quick Launch. Radian allows you to choose which shortcuts you want to appear in the slice using checkboxes. You can also configure the color of each slice separately.

The right-click trigger ensures that Radian is always close in hand, allowing you to access the menu quickly without needing to scroll to a certain area on your screen.

Radian is a free and open sourced.

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    >Radian is a free and open sourced.

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