GUI interface using VB to track a killer’s IP Address is available

At last, somebody did it. Somebody finally did it. Yes, somebody actually wrote a GUI interface using VB to track an IP Address. If you have no idea what I’m referring to, you aren’t watching enough TV, buddy. Here, watch this clip from CSI, a show that makes every geek cringe.

We don’t know if she succeeded in creating one (although we doubt given how computer literate she is), one CodePlex developer did it.

“This program makes it easier to track an IP address. It provides a GUI interface using Visual Basic to track an IP Address.”, the program description reads.


The program is actually coded in Visual Basic and uses the PING command to track the killer’s entered IP/domain name. All sorts of fluff are used to provide a very CSI-like experience, like showing hex output, flashy images, and success/failure counters.

Also find out how to make your computer sound like those in movies.

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    I remember watching that. Not only did I cringe I also yelled at the screen and turned the TV off. Suspend belief, fine, output pure garbage and I leave.

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