Wondershare Time Freeze Free protects your system from changes

Wondershare Time Freeze Free is a software that essentially freezes your computer in time by allowing you to install software, run application and surf the Internet, and then roll back any changes you made to the system after you are done.

Wondershare Time Freeze is different from Windows system restore. Unlike system restore, Time Freeze creates a virtual environment for the system partition and caches to it any changes you make to the system. These changes disappear when you reboot your computer. This means that you can test software, run codes and never worry about damaging your Windows system. This also keeps you protected from viruses, spyware, Trojans and other malicious threats.


After the system protection is enabled, your computer runs the virtual system and all operations in the system partition will disappear after system reboot. If you want to save your operations, just drag the button to "Off", and the data produced in the virtual system will be transferred to the actual system.

Wondershare Time Freeze also has a Folder Protection feature that lets you either prohibit others to access protected folders or prohibit changing files in them. You can password protect any number of folders.

Wondershare Time Freeze is like Returnil Virtual System and Microsoft SteadyState and somewhat similar to Comodo Time Machine.

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