View Gmail’s Priority Inbox from mobile phones

As you may be aware already, Google recently introduced a new feature called Priority Inbox on Gmail. The feature intelligently segregates unread email messages into those that are important and those that are not and lists all the important messages under the Priority section.

If you access Gmail from a mobile device, you won’t be able to view the Priority Inbox like you do when you are on the desktop. To view the Priority Inbox you have to use Gmail’s search option.

Load Gmail on your mobile browser, hit the Search button and type label:important into the search field. Gmail will now list all mails that went to your Priority Inbox. This will list both read and unread mails. If you want to view only the unread mails, add is:unread to the search string.

Once the search is complete, and you’ve got your messages, bookmark that search in your browser to quickly open the Priority Inbox  whenever needed.

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