Winners of Prayaya V3 Giveaway

Last week we ran a contest for Prayaya V3 – the portable virtual operating system, where we promised to give away 10 licenses, worth $49 each. Thank you all for the participation and today we are going to announce the winners.

The winners as selected by a random draw using are:

  1. Gunjan
  2. Joey G
  3. Tommi Raulahti
  4. Manish
  5. Stfan
  6. vhick
  7. Himadri Shekhar Bhattacharjee
  8. Fritz
  9. Gorbizone
  10. fredericmartin

Congratulation to the winners. You will receive your license information on email soon. Instrcutions on how to activate are available here.

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  1. vhick Reply

    Thank you very much Kaushik for winning and to other winners, congratulation.

    This will be a great software for testing something else and also stay safe using a virtualized programs.

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