Free Windows 7 Theme Manager: Install, remove and manage themes

If you use third party Windows 7 themes, and lots of them, the Personalization panel on Windows 7 -the one from where you apply themes and other cosmetics is inadequate for managing them. Theme Manager for Windows 7 is a better alternative. It’s neat tool from where you can change, install, remove, or in other words, manage all installed themes on your Windows 7 machine.

Do note that, you must make Windows 7 ready to accept third party themes by patching the necessary system files using tools such as UxStyle Core. Theme Manager doesn’t patch the system files for you.


But after you have patched the required files and made your system ready for installing themes, you will find that Theme Manager makes the job a lot easier. From a single location you can install themes, apply or remove them. A list of installed themes are displayed on a small window. Clicking on a theme displays a preview in the form of a screenshot, which is a very useful feature to have when you have many themes. You can also change the screenshot by clicking the ‘change screenshot’ button. This will capture an image of the desktop and apply it as a screenshot.

Apart from installing and applying themes, you can apply custom Explorer styles, Shell32 styles and a few others. Different styles designed by users are available in plenty over at DeviatArt.

Theme Manager is free but surprisingly a bit hefty on the download size.

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