Apply Impressive Effects to PDF Presentations On-The-Fly

Although not used that often, PDF documents can be used as a replacement for Microsoft PowerPoint presentations. This has the advantage of not requiring a platform dependent program for the presentation to run. PowerPoint presentations are also often shared as PDF files. The drawback of such a conversion is that any extra effects present on the original file is lost.

When such a PDF file lands in your hands and you have to produce a presentation, you have two options. If you have time, you can use PDFrizator to apply great looking transition effects to the PDF. If time is a luxury you can’t afford, no worries – download Impressive, a PDF presentation software that can apply cool effects to a presentation on the fly.

To launch a presentation, simply drag the PDF file and drop it into impressive.exe in explorer.


The presentation will launch in full-screen mode. Click the left-mouse button to progress through the slides, and the right-button to reverse direction. You can also use the arrow keys and PageUp or PageDown keys to navigate. You will notice different slide transition effects like fade in, dissolve, wipe etc. applied at random between each slide.

Using the mouse you can draw a rectangle on the screen and highlight the selected part. The boxes stay even after leaving the page.


Or you can press Enter and get a spotlight, the size of which can be adjusted with the mouse wheel or the +/- key.


Hitting the Z key zooms into the slide. Hitting the ‘Tab’ key smoothly zooms out the current slide to reveal a thumbnail grid of all pages. These are some of the things you can never do with PowerPoint presentations, much less a PDF one.

Impressive also offers a powerful way to customize individual presentations using Python scripts that allows you to set custom slide transition effect, timer and much more. The best part is that you don’t have to bother with the creation process. The default settings are good enough for an impressive impromptu presentation.

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