Customize Firefox 4 interface with Firefox 4 UI Fixer

Firefox 4 UI Fixer is an addon for Firefox 4 that lets you make some interesting changes to the browser, particularly revert some of the modification that the Mozilla team introduced with version 4.

Firefox 4 UI Fixer allows users to:

1. Move the Statusbar to any toolbar, even to custom ones like Personal Titlebar. Previously I showed how you can move the status bar to the Addon bar and thus enable the status bar again. With Firefox 4 UI Fixer you can move the status bar to any location like Menu bar or Bookmark bar.


2. Move the Firefox Menu Button from the top to the toolbar so you can move it wherever you want. By doing so, you can make Firefox display page title in Titlebar while using Firefox Menu Button, which was not possible previously.

In the screenshot below you can see both the Firefox menu and the page title.


3. Add "New Tab" option to Tab Context Menu. The ability to create New Tab from the tab context menu was mysteriously removed from Firefox 4. Now this option is back.


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