Winners of Sailfish VPN Giveaway

The giveaway contest for Sailfish VPN – a new VPN service provider based on US – that we organized last week had come to an end on Dec 24. As promised we are giving away 10 accounts of the said VPN service which are valid for 3 months with unlimited bandwidth. The winners are:

  1. Eric Calabros
  2. Tom
  3. Tiziano Marmiroli
  4. mild kurt
  5. Swider
  6. Sudharsan K N
  7. wang
  8. matroska
  9. Paulus
  10. nickhill

Congratulations to all winners, and thanks to everyone who took part. Sorry, I couldn’t provide you all. I hope you had a great Christmas though.

Winners will receive details on how to activate their accounts by email soon.

Update: matroska and mild kurt, your emails could not be reached. Please contact [email protected] with a working email ID

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    Thank you very much, I already sent a new email address if an email address previously problematic

    Best regards

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