GBoost Improves Game Performance by Shutting Down Background Services

If you suffer from poor graphics, choppy frame rates and lag while gaming, you don’t need a faster computer or newer graphics card. You just need to shutdown all unnecessary services and processes running in the background – the browser, instant messenger, email program and iTunes maybe. All these programs consume memory and resources that could have gone for speeding up your game and improving performance.

GBoost is free program that automates this task. It enables gamers to quickly close down unwanted processes and services that are running in the background at the simple click of a button, and then restore them by clicking on the same button.


GBoost connects your PC to GBoost Central servers to retrieve a list of known processes and services that can be running on a PC. The list of processes is collected and updated from all of the gamers. The program then uses this information to determine which processes are not essential and could be closed down temporarily. If you don’t want the program to decide, there is an advanced mode that allows you to take over the process. You can then decide which programs to close and which to keep running.

Once you have made the selection, click on the big red button to kill all processes. You can now launch the game. GBoost users says that the program improves gaming performances noticeably. A reviewer for MajorGeeks claimed 3x improvement in frame rate while playing World of Warcraft. Results would definitely vary but the general agreement is that it works.

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