Online Group Policy And Windows Registry Search

If you are looking to change a particular setting on Windows but you are unsure whether such a setting even exist or where to find it, Group Policy Search will come to your help.

This online solution made available by Microsoft allows you to easily find existing Group Policies and registry keys for different settings under Windows. You can either browse through the tree structure to find the settings you are looking for or use the search box to find them.


You can also switch from the Group Policy view to Registry view, where you can see the corresponding registry key/value. Once you have found the registry key or Policy name you were looking for, you can quickly copy the Policy name or registry values using the Copy menu.

You can also specify for which products you want to search. For instance, if you select IE7, it will find all policies which are usable with IE7, or you can select Windows 7 and hide all policies for Windows XP and Windows Vista.

If you want an offline registry search tool, checkout this downloadable registry guide.

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