Park Cursor Aside Automatically Moves Mouse Cursor Away When Typing

Often when we are filling a web form, we click on the input field and start typing. After a few key strokes we notice that the mouse cursor is blocking the view to the field, because we just clicked on it and didn’t move the mouse cursor away. Then we have to pause typing, jerk the mouse away and then resume at our keyboard. A minor irritation, but can easily get exasperating if you commit it over and over again.

Park Cursor Aside is a small program that solves this problem by automatically moving the cursor away to a pre-defined position on the screen as soon as the user starts typing.


The user defines the position – top, bottom, left or right edge of the screen, and the number of keystrokes to ignore before the cursor gets parked. If the number is set to 3, the cursor will move away after you have pressed the third key. This ensures that single key operations like application hotkeys does not trigger the program.

Sometimes moving the mouse pointer to the screen edge will trigger some other applications. Program docks and launchers, for instance. To prevent this, Park Cursor Aside has another setting that allows you to park the cursor a few pixels inside the edge.

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