Attractive Chart Templates For Excel and PowerPoint

Juice Analytics offers a total of 17 colorful chart templates for use in both Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint. Available under a section called Chart Chooser on their website, these downloadable templates are available in their native formats – XLS for Excel and PPT for PowerPoint.

Anyone who wishes to use a template need to just download it and open it in the respective Office program they are meant for, and then edit the different values, titles, labels and other chart elements. The charts are very attractive and unlike anything that is natively available in Microsoft Office.


The 17 chart templates are categorized under different topics such as Comparison, Distribution, Trend, Table etc. You have to download each template individually, which is a little tiresome.

Microsoft PowerPoint users have another option – Oomfo (previously reviewed) that adds visually stunning and animated charts to PowerPoint presentations.

[via Ghacks]

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