How to use Google Cloud Connect for Microsoft Office

Google Cloud Connect is a free plugin that integrates Google Docs with Microsoft Office thus bringing cloud syncing, sharing, simultaneous collaboration, revision history and more to Microsoft Word, Excel and Powerpoint applications. Google Cloud Connect was launched last November for limited number of users as a beta software. It is now available to everyone.

Once installed and linked to your Google Docs account, Google Cloud Connect will automatically upload any file you open/create and save in Microsoft Office to Google Docs. The uploaded file immediately becomes available on your Google Docs account. This facilitates easy sharing apart from serving as a hassle free cloud backup service.

Using Google Cloud Connect is easy. Download the plugin and install it. Installation requires you to be connected to the Internet as the installer downloads additional files during installation.

After installation, open a Microsoft Office application such as Word. A Google Cloud Connect toolbar will appear. Click on the Login button.


Login to your Google account and click on the ‘Grant Access’ button.


You can choose to either automatically sync your Office documents to Google Docs or do it manually. I chose automatic.


Whenever a document is saved, it immediately uploads to Google Docs and the sharing URL available in the toolbar.


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