Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Change Windows 7 Explorer Navigation Buttons


Teenage Windows customizer/developer Kishan Bagaria has written a small utility that allows you to customize Windows 7 Explorer’s navigation button – those blue forward/backward buttons. The tool changes the buttons by swapping bitmaps of the buttons with the ones of your choice.

Simply run Windows 7 Navigation Buttons Customizer as administrator, select the button you want to replace and then load the bitmap from your hard drive. Restart Windows explorer and it is done.


The problem with this approach, however, is that you need bitmaps of the button with the precise dimension. If you are lucky, you can find some designs on the Internet, otherwise you have to make your own.

If you can’t design your own, then get hold of Vista-7 Nav Button Colorizer. This is another Windows 7 button customizer that lets you change the color by choosing from one of nine different variations, including the default style. The navigation button can take the following colors – Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Yellow, Blue (different shade) and Black.



  1. here's a question: in win7 64 bit, is there a way to add an "always on top" button, without any bloated third party software? I used to use a program called eXtraButtons, (find it here: http://www.xtrabuttons.com/ ) but it just had more going on with it than what I needed

  2. If you want only always-on-top feature, you can try DeskPins. PowerMenu also works, but I'm not sure about 64-bit.

    Otherwise, there are bunch of programs that does this and more.

  3. Oh cool, sorry it took so long to get back here..apparently there's life outside the interwebs ;P

    Deskpins seems like it will fit the bill. Thanks much.


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