Uniqoda: Search Unicode Characters By Name

Uniqoda is possibly the coolest and the most productive Unicode character map I have ever come across. Instead of scrolling through endless list of Unicode characters looking for the right character, uniqoda allows you to search for it by name and sometimes even description.

For example, if you are looking for the pound sign, instead of digging through the Character Map application in Windows or whatever program you are using, simply write “pound” and there you go. No need to even remember the Hex keystrokes.

uniqoda (6)

Uniqoda’s search-as-you-type feature brings you the right character, as well as all related ones, even before you finish typing. The list updates with every new letter you input or delete.

If you have uniqoda running in the background, you can launch it super quick by pressing Alt+Insert. Highlight the character you want to copy and press Enter. This copies the character to Windows clipboard from where you can paste it in any program.

uniqoda (1)

uniqoda (2)

uniqoda (3)

uniqoda (5)

uniqoda (4)

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