Aura: Change Windows 7 Aero Color by Wallpaper And Taskbar Icon

The barrage of Windows 8 updates that the duo of Rafael Rivera and Paul Thurrott has been bringing the last few days has provided us some helpful insight into the upcoming version of Windows that we are all waiting to get our hands on. These updates are also keeping the small developers and designers busy as they race to get their themes out and the little tools that recreate Windows 8 functions on current Windows version.

The latest feature that has come to light is the dynamically adjusting Aero Color – Windows 8 will automatically match the Aero color to the current wallpaper. Incidentally, such an application for Windows 7 already exist – AeroWallpaperChanger.


Now DownloadSquad has discovered a new one called Aura. Currently in beta, this free program automatically changes Windows 7 and Vista Aero color according to the average color of the current wallpaper. Aura can also dynamically change the Aero color based on the color of active taskbar icon.

Windows 7 already changes the highlight color of the taskbar icon based on the predominant color of the program icon. For example, the Firefox icon glows orange, Opera glows red and Windows Explorer glows yellow. The same now happens to Aero color.

Unlike AeroWallpaperChanger, Aura will not rotate wallpapers.

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    dead link ???

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    No. Links working.

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