Download Galleries of Your Favorite DeviantART User or Group

DeviantART is a rich online community that showcase various forms of user-made artwork including photography, digital art, traditional art, literature, Flash, filmmaking, skins for applications, wallpapers, along with extensive downloadable resources such as tutorials and stock photography. DeviantART is one of my favorite hunting ground for Windows themes, wallpapers and more.

DeviantART Favorites Downloader is a free, open source program that allows you to bulk download artwork of your favorite deviantART artist or deviantART group.

Upon start, enter the username of the deviantART user or group whose deviants you want to download. You can either download the favorites or the galleries or the scrapbook, with an option to skip collections.


The location of the download folder can be changed from the program’s preference. The program automatically saves downloaded content into folders sorted by artist name, collection name and title of the artwork. These fields can be changed and customized from the preference section.

Artwork that are marked “mature” can be saved to a different folder. This is convenient if you plan to use the folder of your saved deviations as a screen saver or to rotate wallpapers from. You don’t want any nude images to be automatically set as your wallpaper while you are showing pictures of last night’s birthday party to your mom.

The download process can be cancelled while it is in progress, the session saved and restored later. DeviantART Favorites Downloader will automatically skip images that are already downloaded and only retrieve newer files.

To prevent deviantART from blocking you for sending too many requests to their server, the program includes a throttling feature that adds a few seconds delay between each search if no files has been downloaded. A 5 seconds throttle is the minimum default.

deviantART Favorites Downloader is available for Windows and can be downloaded from Sourceforge.

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    does not start downloading

  2. Anonymous Reply

    Yes this app can download pictures but no other files like HTML, txt or SWF dev galleries are full od other formats.

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