VirtualDub Filter Pack: 200+ Plugins

VirtualDub is an open source, linear video editing software for Windows that appears very bland and dated on the outside. But looks can be deceiving. Aside from the typical cut, copy and join features that most people believe is what video editing is all about, VirtualDub can perform a number of video manipulation such as video resizing, rotation, compression, direct stream copy, interlacing/de-interlacing, video filtering, etc.


A video with the halftone filter applied. 

Plugin filters can further extend VirtualDub’s capabilities. Filters for Virtual dub are distributed all over the web – a large collection can be found here and here – but the bother is that they need to be downloaded and installed individually. To save the troubles of you can download the VirtualDub Filter Pack instead.

The VirtualDub Filter Pack 2011 is a collection of over two hundred free filters and plug-ins for VirtualDub that brings a fantastic range of creative video effects and functions to the video editor. To install the plug-ins simply extract the filter pack into VirtualDub/Plugins folder. Then from within VirtualDub, load the filter from the Video > Filters menu.


A video manipulated to look like old film

It will be difficult to enumerate them all, particularly since there is no official list of the plug-ins included, but I have tried to list at least a few of the interesting ones.

Below is a partial list of additional functionalities gained by VirtualDub due to the filter pack.

  • Remove interlacing effects
  • Remove noise, compression artifacts
  • Add noise
  • Adjust color level, hue, saturation, brightness, contrast, RGB, YUV level etc.
  • Mix color channels
  • Remove chroma channel or the luma channel
  • Convert to grayscale or selectable monochrome color
  • Apply Gaussian blur, motion blur
  • Sharpen video
  • Remove video flicker
  • Remove ghost signal
  • Turn video into paintings, sketches, cartoon etc with customizable settings
  • Apply old movie effects
  • Add image logo over the video with alpha blending
  • Remove logo from video and replace with solid color
  • Remove hard coded subtitle
  • Add hard coded subtitles
  • Remove camera shake, stabilize video.
  • Mask part of the video frame to apply filters to only specific areas
  • Fade video at particular frames
  • Apply field delay, swap field with a color, shift field in one direction
  • Rotate videos in any angle
  • Warp videos, add perspective
  • and many more
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