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Gmail Notifier Pro: Google Mail, Calendar, News, RSS All-in-One

Gmail Notifier Pro sounds like its only purpose it to provide notification for Gmail messages but actually it can used to monitor Google Calendar and Google News as well. Initially the program started only as a Google email notifier, but on subsequent releases support for Google Calendar, Google News and RSS/Atom news feeds were added making it one comprehensive utility to keep track of multiple Google services for multiple Google accounts.

Gmail Notifier Pro can retrieve mails from your Gmail account either through IMAP or via RSS feeds. Configuring your account to connect using IMAP enables you to use Gmail Notifier Pro as a basic email program with all supported IMAP functions like marking email read, deleting email, downloading attachment and so on. Emails via RSS feeds are simpler to set up. You can read messages like you read feeds from a blog, but it is one-way – reading a mail doesn't mark it as read on your Gmail inbox. You can reply to mails or compose new mails though.


New mails received on your Gmail account show up as alerts on the lower right corner of the screen. These notification boxes can be skinned using different available themes and color coded so that you can tell at a glance which account you have received an email in.


Similarly, you can setup alerts for Google Calendar events and define the number of days ahead to process events from. It's also possible to dismiss events or snooze for a period of time.


For setting up alerts for Google News you simply select a country and a news category, and you will start receiving relevant news. You can also set up any regular RSS feeds and receive updates.


Gmail Notifier Pro offers a plethora of customizability options:

  • Set the period of interval the program will check your accounts for new mail
  • Choose browser to open when clicking on links, mails etc. – here it is possible to override your default browser and use a different one
  • Download or skip attachments, retrieve email body or only title
  • Store emails data on user folder or application folder so that it can used in portable mode
  • Customize appearance of notification window – everything from color, transparency size and position.

Gmail Notifier Pro is available both as free and paid version. The free version is limited to checking only two accounts. This limit is removed when you register for $7.



  1. It doesn't work with IMAP! That's another prank from instant fundas!!!

  2. What prank are you talking about? It works with IMAP.


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