How to Have Both Modern and Classic Start Menu at The Same Time

Some people like things the old way, and when Microsoft removed the ability to switch to the classic start menu from the modern one it saw many discontent among the users. Then programs like Classic Start Menu and Classic Shell started appearing that brought back the old start menu among other things to Windows 7.


Taskbar Classic Start Menu is another such classic menu program for Windows 7. Unlike its counterparts, this one doesn’t replace the modern menu. Instead, a new icon appears on the notification area on the taskbar, also called the ‘system tray’, clicking on which launches the classic start menu. This means that you can have both the modern start menu as well as the classic start menu on the taskbar at the same time.

The program is install-and-use – no configuration is required. Even so, a few customization options are available like use large or small icons, adjust menu column size, hide or show common programs etc.

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