iPrint: Print Multiple Pages on a Single Paper

Previously, I wrote about a printing application called CleverPrint that did a wonderful job in cleaning up pages before printing with the added ability to print multiple pages on a single paper. A similar free program called iPrint was recently brought to my notice by Freewaregenius. Although not as feature rich as CleverPrint, it does a good job as far as saving paper is concerned.

iPrint is a printer driver software that gives you the ability to print 2 or 4 pages on a single sheet of paper. Whenever you print a document from Word or your browser simply choose iPrint as your printer in the printer selection list. This will send the print job to iPrint and document will open in the application’s main window where you can adjust the number of pages to print on one sheet.


iPrint also automatically detects and removes blank pages. Additional unwanted pages can be quickly selected for removal with one simple click.

Those who are looking for a simple printing utility that helps you save pages, iPrint should suffice. On the other hand users looking for more functions such adding watermarks, borders, changing background color, removing graphics etc. should try out CleverPrint.

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    It's cool, but can't you just change the number of pages per sheet in the printer properties? If so, and I know you can on windows XP at least, then what exactly is the point of such a program?

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