iVPN Accounts Giveaway Winners

The giveaway from iVPN anonymous VPN accounts that we conducted last week received plenty of entries – I guess everyone needs an anonymous VPN account. The random list generator at random.org has picked up 10 names from among those who left their names in the contest. If you have taken part in the giveaway, checkout below to see if you are among the 10 lucky winners.

  1. Fitz
  2. Dodge Parker
  3. Seirhpmuh Nehpets
  4. Qambar
  5. Joanna R Lee
  6. Paulus
  7. Dolph
  8. Raju
  9. Frank
  10. Zulu

Congratulation to the winners and thanks to all who took part. Each of the names above has won an account that is valid for three months with unlimited bandwidth and no restrictions. Winners will be contacted by email soon.

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    Congratulation to the winners

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