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Wise Disk Cleaner Professional is a comprehensive and thorough junk and temporary file cleaning utility for Windows that frees up disk space by deleting files that are no longer used by any software on your system. Wise Disk Cleaner Professional can scan and remove more than 50 types of junk files, left behind during program uninstallation, windows updates, etc.

Wise Disk Cleaner has a simple interface and a disk cleaning guide in the form of a wizard well suited for novice users. Experienced users can skip the wizard and configure their own settings, although the default setting should be sufficient for most users.


You can also scan for junk files that were created, accessed or modified within a user defined number of days. This is useful if you want to leave some old files on the system and delete the newer ones. Users can also set the program to perform a disk clean automatically, but there is no way to control when the automatic clean takes place, which is odd.

Files can be deleted to the recycle bin, which saves headache later if you deleted some important file, or deleted permanently from the hard disk. You can also move the files to a different folder. A deleted file Recovery tool can effectively recover deleted files even when removed from the recycle bin. If you want to ensure that deleted files cannot be recovered, there is a file scrubber utility.

If the program encounters files that cannot be deleted because the files are in use, it offers to delet the files at next Windows boot.

Wise Disk Cleaner is available in two versions – a free version with limited functionality and a Pro version that costs $19.95. Currently, a giveaway is underway during which you can obtain the Professional edition at no cost.

Download Wise Disk Cleaner Pro (direct download)

Install the software and you will automatically get the full version Wise Disc Cleaner Pro without features limitation. No serial number, license key code, registration nor activation required.

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