SlimCleaner: Community supported PC cleaning and optimization

SlimCleaner is a system cleaning and maintenance utility for Windows that makes use of user ratings to help you decide which items should be removed and which kept.

The program’s primary tool is the cleaner. This tool takes care of Windows temporary files, history logs, lists of recently opened documents and other unnecessary elements. It can also clean files from locations used by popular Windows applications to store logs and document history. A wide variety of Windows programs such as media players, productivity tools, browsers and anti-malware software are supported.


SlimCleaner also features an optimization tool to analyze start-up items and active services, and an uninstaller and a shredder that helps you get rid of files securely. This is where the program employs the crowd to help you decide. Against each startup entry and installed program is a colored bar that shows the rating of the program as rated by the program’s users.

There are three level of ratings. A rating of Good indicates the program is trustworthy; Optional indicates that the program is not critical and can be removed while Unwanted indicates harmful applications and or programs that serve no good purpose. Programs that aren’t rated by the community are shown as Unrated.


You can also give back to the community by adding your own ratings.

Finally, SlimCleaner can generate a Hijack Log that displays a list of toolbars, browser helper objects, ActiveX plug-ins and other items installed on the machine. Again from the user rating you can decide whether these programs are really necessary or junk.

At present, the program does not have too large a user base and as such many programs are still unrated. But like all cloud based applications, this is going to change as more users start adopting the program and actively rate applications. The success (or failure) of SlimCleaner’s unique cloud-sourced approach will depend entirely upon its user base. But even without user ratings, SlimCleaner is a pretty handy file cleaning and optimization tool.

Download SlimCleaner (beta)

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