How to Hide The Top Row of Photos on Your Facebook Profile

Sometime last year, Facebook overhauled the Facebook profile page implementing several new cosmetic features. The most prominent among them is the way Facebook profile picture and recently tagged pictures of yourself are displayed. The profile picture was changed from the regular rectangular shape to a vertically elongated one, and at the top of the page a row of the five most recently tagged photos of yourself on Facebook was now visible.

Some creative users with enough time in their hands started taking advantage of the new layout to create impressive profile pages. Several Facebook apps were developed that enabled less creative users to achieve the same look. Fast forward to six months, and the novelty has already worn off – now you will barely come across a profile page that uses these tricks.


If you’re looking to get rid of these five photos and the entire row, it’s possible by changing your profile’s privacy settings so that no one can see any photos in which you are tagged on your profile.

To do this click on Account at the top right of your Facebook page, and then from the dropdown menu, select Privacy Settings. Click on Customize Settings on the page that opens.

Scroll down to the section Things others share and click Edit Settings next to Photos and videos you’re tagged in, and select Customize.

From the drop down list, select Only Me to make tagged photos visible only to yourself. Preview how your profile looks to any of your Facebook friends by visiting your Privacy Settings page and clicking Preview My Profile to make sure your profile looks right.

Do note that hiding the row of photos at the top of your Facebook profile will also hide all other tagged photos of yourself from your Facebook profile.

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    But I have 4 profile pictures… and all of them (3) except my current profile picture appear at the top row. and i'm not even tagged in them. so i want it TOTALLY CLEAR. but i can't.. how?

  2. Anonymous Reply

    same hides all the photos I'm tagged in but it was changed by my profile pics. There still row photos. I don't want to have a row photos on my profile. How do I do that? I know you can do that before but now the button is unavailable.

  3. shalin Reply

    you have to disable the feature of allowing people to see photos of you altogether. meaning you have to hide your profile pictures AS WELL AS photos you're tagged in.

  4. Anonymous Reply

    hey with the new fb layout, I can't find how to edit who can see my tagged pictures…help

  5. Anonymous Reply


  6. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    This method doesn't work with the new Facebook layout.

  7. Anonymous Reply

    was anyone able to figure out how to hide tagged photos in the new layout? Facebook reset my privacy setting when I reactivated. There seems to be no clear way of doing this…

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