Clipboard Rules Triggers Actions Based on Copied Text

Clipboard Rules is a unique program that can trigger different actions based on text strings copied to the clipboard. When the application is running it monitors the clipboard for predefined text strings. When a matching string is copied and loaded to the clipboard, the action associated with it is executed.

The action can be execution of a program or batch file, opening of a particular directory in Windows explorer, writing to a log file and modifying contents of the clipboard. Other actions include display of pop-up message and desktop alerts, but this doesn’t seem to be functioning.


The user creates rules which consist of the string that would trigger the action and the action itself. The trigger string is case sensitive meaning ‘elephant’ and ‘Elephant’ and ‘ELEPHANT’ are all different strings, according to the program. In the example screenshot, the text string ‘music’ when copied to the clipboard would cause Windows Media Player to launch.

I’m not sure in what situation Clipboard Rules would be useful, but it’s nice to know that such a thing exist. Perhaps, in conjunction with another program Clipboard Rules can be used to remotely control a PC.

Right now, the only use that my mind can come up with is something silly – like playing pranks on someone. Set a rule for a string, you are sure the victim would copy to the clipboard, to do something unexpected like run a program or splash a message box. Better still, replace the clipboard text to something else and watch as your baffled friend struggles to paste the string only to find it mysteriously change to another.

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