Google Image Search Now Shows EXIF Data

Google has been making a lot of new improvements to Google Image Search lately – date annotations, restoration of the image size filter and addition of a date filter. Alex Chitu has discovered another new change – the image search engine has started showing EXIF data of photos, which incidentally was another top requested feature by the Reddit community.

When you click on a thumbnail on the image search results page, you are taken to a landing page. The landing page’s sidebar now includes EXIF data including camera make, focal length, flash usage, aperture, shutter speed, ISO speed and exposure bias. This is one feature that any photographer will appreciate. Taking note of camera settings the photographer used to shoot the picture is one of the best way to learn the tricks of the trade.


The information is retrieved from the picture’s EXIF data that all photos shot by digital cameras contain, unless you remove them. EXIF contains a lot more information than just focal length, aperture or shutter speed. Google shows only a part of the data – the most relevant ones.

The sidebar also has a "more sizes" link that lets you view other versions of the image and "similar images" for visually related images. The sidebar also includes the search result’s snippet and may also include a list of related searches.

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  1. Kaushik Patowary Reply

    I'm aware of EXIFCleaner. That article needs updating.

    Another quick way to remove EXIF is use the 'save for web' feature in Photoshop.

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