OneLiner Moves Firefox Location Bar to Tabs Toolbar

Remember what the most annoying feature was when Internet Explorer 9 was made public to the world the first time? It was the toolbar. On IE9, the address field, the navigation buttons and the tabs shared the same toolbar space with the result that there wasn’t enough for all. The toolbar was already full with just a few tabs opened. Following user complaints, Microsoft provided users a way to move the tabs to a dedicated toolbar. But now Firefox users can experience that horrible claustrophobic feeling with an experimental add-on that Mozilla has released.


The add-on named OneLiner combines the navigation and tabs toolbars into one, the location bar is given a fixed size while the search bar is collapsed to a single button. Unfortunately, unlike IE9, you cannot resize the location bar to give more (or less) room to the tabs. The location bar occupies a fixed space, and tabs scroll horizontally on the remaining space in the toolbar. The location bar also expands to cover the back/forward buttons when not in use.

The search field is no longer available – it is replaced with a button that activates an in-tab search by loading the default Firefox home page ready to search with Google. Clicking the search button will pre-fill the search with selected text or clipboard data.

OneLiner is a restart-less add-on, which makes it easy for users to install and install.

[via Mozilla Labs]

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    no thanks

  2. Anonymous Reply

    Version two is even tastier: activating the url bar causes it to automatically expand to twice the length. This add-on is so good it's GOOD, especially for those of us with copious amounts of horizontal screen real estate. The only thing they need to add now is the ability to manually set the minimum length of the url bar. JUICY!

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