Taskbar Shadow Adds Drop Shadows to Windows 7 Taskbar

Taskbar Shadow is a simple free utility that adds a drop shadow effect to Windows 7 taskbar. What differentiates this tool from some other that are currently available is that Taskbar Shadow is location aware. This means that whether the taskbar is situated at the bottom, top, right or left, this tool works equally well.

Simply double click on Shadow.exe and immediately a shadow will appear ‘behind’ the taskbar. The program basically adds a transparent PNG image on top of the taskbar. The image and the shadow remains on top of all windows and hence is visible at all times, not only on the desktop.


This is how the taskbar looks with an without the shadow effect.

You can right click on the shadow and adjust the opacity.

If you move the taskbar from the top to the bottom or on either edge of the screen, the shadow changes accordingly. But before you do that, you must exit Taskbar Shadow, moving the taskbar while the program is running, leaves a ghost shadow behind, and the new shadow doesn’t appear at the correct location.

Otherwise, a nice tool for some cosmetic effect.


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