4 Google Plus Inspired WordPress Themes

Google Plus’s elegant and extremely minimal design has inspired a number of theme designers to develop themes for WordPress blog that looks very much like the social networking site. Here I have rounded up 4 different themes. If you like these, you will also like 6 WordPress themes inspired by popular websites (like Gmail and Twitter) and browsers (such as Chrome).

Plus theme


Plus theme is a WordPress theme designed to look like Google Plus. It’s WordPress 3.0+ Compatible, features drag and drop menu structure, two drag and drop sidebar widget ready and compatible with all major browsers. It has social media buttons integrated and features a nice search bar with a blue search button exactly like the social network.

Demo and Download



PlusOne is one of the best looking (for now) 3-column, fixed width WordPress theme that supports thumbnails. However, it lacks the search bar, and the buttons found on the actual social network has been removed. PlusOne is compatible with all major web browsers.

Demo | Download

WP Plus


WP Plus is designed like Google plus. It is a 3 column WordPress theme with one sidebar on the left, one on the right and the content area sandwiched between the two. WP Plus is compatible with WordPress Custom Menus and Custom Background. You can easily change the links that appear in the navigation bar from the dashboard page without editing the coding of the theme. You can also change the background from dashboard if required.

Demo | Download



Reflex+ is an amateur Google+ look-alike theme with custom menus and thumbnail support. It works on Chrome 12 and Firefox 5, but breaks in Opera 11.5 and IE9. Too bad, the developer didn’t test is enough before releasing. The theme also doesn’t have enough contrast between headlines and paragraph. Moreover, mouse-over hyperlink color is blue, which doesn’t match Google Plus’s color theme (red). But that’s easy to fixed.

Demo | Download

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  1. Shailesh Tripathi Reply

    All these themes based upon Google plus are best.

  2. Anonymous Reply

    Thank you for the information: nice and usefull.

  3. jual mobil di bandung Reply

    this theme is simple css, thanks but i want wp theme like google+ profile

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