Age of Empires Online in Now Live

Age of Empires Online is now available for download and play on Windows. The game is the online version of the popular history-based real-time strategy game series Age of Online that has been rocking the game industry for more than a decade. Age of Empires Online will take freemium route – free to play with the option of purchasing premium content.

Age of Empires Online features the standard gameplay of past games in the series, with the addition of a persistent city that functions when the player is offline, cooperative multiplayer quests, and trading. This game blends the real-time strategy genre with massively multiplayer online gaming.

Playable civilizations include the Greeks and Egyptians with plans to add the Celtic and Persian civilizations later.

Age of Empires Online is the next chapter in the best-selling Age of Empires PC game franchise.The game features two of the greatest ancient civilizations–the Greeks and Egyptians–and offers more than 40 hours of gameplay for free!

And that’s just where the experience starts! As players grow their empires and look for new adventures, Age of Empires Online delivers the opportunity to buy new Premium Content Packs – everything from entirely new civilizations to Booster Packs with new game modes and more. It’s the biggest Age of Empires game ever.

What’s more, Age of Empires Online adds new social interaction, customization, and MMORPG gameplay in an evolving and persistent world. Play co-operatively or competitively, craft and trade items, and level up by completing quests – all for free! Plus, Age of Empires Online still offers all the classic RTS gameplay, empowering players to build mighty empires, manage resources, earn rewards, and battle their way into rich new worlds full of lively villagers, epic warriors, and historically-themed architecture.

Age of Empires Online was originally announced on August last year.

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