PickMeApp Transfers Installed Programs from One PC to Another

Whether you’ve bought a new computer or just re-installed Windows on your old one, one chore that we all hate doing is reinstalling programs. I detest this operation so much that I have devoted a number of articles on this subject, and wrote a few guides on how to perform this task with the smallest effort and fastest time. Interested readers can follow my guide on Windows Easy Transfer, the Automatic Software Installation guide or read about various bundled software packages like Ninite, FreeApp, FreewareUpdater, and Windows Package Manager among others. Another tool that has some potential is PickMeApp.

As obvious from the title of this post, PickMeApp is a new tool that allows one to transfer applications installed on one computer to another. PickMeApp ‘captures’ applications and creates a compressed package of the installed program. Then using PickMeApp again on the new computer you can install the programs from the created application package.


The left panel on the program windows contain all applications that PickMeApp discovered on your computer. You select applications you want to transfer and click the Capture button in the middle bar. Depending on the size and the number of programs you selected it might take quite a while as PickMeApp captures the programs.

When this is done, copy PickMeApp and the packages to your new computer and open the program. PickMeApp will automatically detect the packages and display it on the right panel. From there you select the programs and click the ‘Start installation’ button in the middle bar.

PickMeApp successfully moved a number of programs to a new computer, but not all. For example, it failed to move Adobe Photoshop. The problem is there is no easy way to bundle all programs together with its settings into a portable package that can be moved around easily.

PickMeApp maintains an updated spreadsheet of both supported and unsupported programs. Check both lists to see if your favorite programs can be moved.

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