Windows 8 Gets a New Blue Screen of Death

So I was trying to install Windows 8 Developer build in VMware Player and got the screen below. Apparently, the installation had failed. Initially, I thought this error message was from VMware Player, but upon looking closely I realized that it was from Windows 8. A trip to Google confirmed my suspicion. Windows 8 has a new BSOD a.k.a the dreaded Blue Screen of Death, only this time it looks less dreadful.


As you can see from the image above, all technical mumbo jumbo is gone. Instead, you get a sad face and a simple line asking you to search for that error message on the Internet.

While the new blue screen does look nice and less harsh, it’s not necessarily better. Previously, it was possible to get additional information such as the name of the offending file that caused the crash. With all information removed, users will now have to rely completely on minidump files or use third party tools like BlueScreenView to analyze the error.

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  1. Anonymous Reply

    FWIW, Win8 will install under VirtualBox 4.1.X.

  2. Anonymous Reply

    I like the old one MMMMUUUUCCCCHHHH better. This isn't much of a Blue Screen of /Death/!

  3. Hammad Reply

    I think this one is better than before. The old one makes you think that there is something wrong with your PC even if its just a software issue 😛

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