ObjectPrint: Powerful Printer Manager to Keep Track or Restrict Printer Usage

Shared printers in business and school environment that anyone can get access to are frequently abused by workers and students to print whatever they want. This often leads to a waste of printers’ resources resulting in excessive costs on paper and toner. To prevent this from happening and completely make sure that each and every paper is printed out for the right purpose, Fitosoft has developed a comprehensive printer management software called ObjectPrint.

Designed to be used in small and medium-sized companies, schools, organizations and even at homes, this print management system provides centralized administration over all printing resources, printers, paper, and toner on shared and local printers as well as on remote print servers and workstations. ObjectPrint offers control such as quota allocation per user, per printer and per computer, restriction of printing and printer usage by number of pages and file size, by color content and more.


Since ObjectPrint is designed to manage print jobs from workstations, the programs runs in the background and the control panel is accessible via a web browser over the network. The web application is password protected so that only the administrator has access to it. End-users don’t need to download or install any software on their machines.

To control and restrict printer usage, ObjectPrint allocate quotas by printer, user, computer and group. If there are multiple users, printers and computers in the network, each one can be configured a different quota. It is possible to automatically reset the credit balance at specified schedule or increase it by a certain amount

Restrictions ObjectPrint can impose per printer, user, computer or group:

  • Number of pages that can be printed per day, per week or per month.
  • Deny printing of documents that contain more than a specified number of pages
  • Deny printing of documents over a certain size (by Megabytes)
  • Deny printing of documents that contain color
  • Deny printing of documents with specific titles

For monitoring and analysis ObjectPrint generates reports and charts that include statistics for number of pages printed and rejected for each users, printers, computers and groups. The reports can be sorted by period. Other statistics include top 10 users who consume the most resources or the mots busy printers on the network. You can also perform cost analysis and traffic savings.


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