Batch Extract Images From Office Documents

Not too long ago, I wrote guide showing you how to extract images and multimedia files embedded in Microsoft Office documents like Word and PowerPoint. I believe the guide is easy to follow and the technique described there allows you to selectively extract only those content that you are interested in. But if you are looking for an automated tool that can process large number of Office documents in batches, then Office Image Extraction Wizard is the one you might be interested in.

Office Image Extraction Wizard lets you extract images from various "office type" documents and save them as normal picture files. Images are extracted in their native format, with no images processing or re-compression being performed, for maximum possible quality. Do note that this software extracts only images. If you want to extract videos and audio files you still have to do it manually.


Supported Document formats are:

  • Microsoft Word 2007+ ( .docx / .docm )
  • Microsoft PowerPoint 2007+ ( .pptx / .pptm )
  • Microsoft Excel 2007+ ( .xlsx / .xlsm )
  • OpenDocument Text ( .odt )
  • OpenDocument Presentation ( .odp )
  • OpenDocument Spreadsheet ( .ods )
  • Electronic Publication Books ( .epub )
  • Comic Book Archive (.cbz )
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