Daum PotPlayer: Possibly the Best Media Player Around

PotPlayer is a freeware media player for Windows that shares its roots with KMPlayer, another very widely used open source media player. This powerful and advanced media player is developed by the same Korean author who wrote KMPlayer. Kang Young-Huee originally developed KMPlayer in 2002, and then five years later sold it to a Korean streaming video company called Pandora TV. The present KMPlayer is maintained by its owner Pandora TV while Kang Young-Huee works on its replacement, the PotPlayer.

PotPlayer is considered to be faster and improved version of KMPlayer, and it very much is. It features plenty of functions and rich customization, more than anyone could use. Some of the distinctive features of the player is high quality playback, support for all modern video and audio formats, built in DXVA video codecs, support for WebCam/Analog/Digital TV channels, hardware acceleration to ensure smooth playback, support for latest video renderer such as madVR /HR/EVR, video post processing, video capture from TV, record video during playback, slow down or increase playback speed, select parts of a video as favorites, overlay screen controls, extensive support for subtitles and more. PotPlayer is also completely customizable thanks to a wide selection of skins and color schemes, as well extensive configuration options.


It is impossible to list all the features of PotPlayer, but there are some that deserves special mention.

  • Full support for keyboard shortcuts. It is almost entirely possible to operate PotPlayer using the keyboard alone.
  • Choose video quality. If you are playing an HD video on a low end machine and the video is skipping, you can decrease the video quality to achieve smoother playback.
  • Open media files in a separate thread so that a faulty video file does not causes the player to freeze.
  • Bookmark your favorite scenes of your favorite movies and play them directly from the bookmark menu. Bookmarks are shown as yellow indicators on the navigation/seek bar.
  • A-B repeat lets you mark start and end positions on the video and repeatedly playback between the two positions.
  • If you have an analog or digital TV card, you can playback TV channels in PotPlayer. You can also record live TV.
  • Adjust subtitle position on screen. Move it over the video frame or on the Overlay/VMR surface (horizontal black bars). You can also customize subtitle spacing, font, color, etc.
  • Automatically load subtitles from video folder. If no subtitle is present then load subtitles from sub-folder. Also specify custom folder to search for subtitles.
  • Sync subtitles that is out of sync with the audio, and then re-save the synced subtitle. Fine tune the subtitle progress/regress duration during syncing.
  • Various post processing options – sharpen, denoise, night vision, emboss, grayscale etc.
  • Choose video resizing algorithm – bilinear, bicubic, Lancroz etc.
  • Capture screenshots, video and series of consecutive screenshots and save them as JPG or PNG or BMP. Capture video with or without subtitles.
  • Real-time audio processing such as normalize, remove noise, voice filters, reverb, etc.
  • Record audio from playing video file.
  • Sync audio to the video file.
  • Adjust volume of each channel, in multi-channel audio files, individually
  • Supports Winamp DSP plug-ins
  • Show video playtime on-screen during sunscreen playback.
  • Customize PotPlayer to display your own logo on screen.
  • Quick adjust control panel for adjusting equalizer, video brightness, contrast, subtitle controls, etc.

Those who haven’t used PotPlayer, I sincerely suggest them to try it. You won’t be disappointed.


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  1. Anonymous Reply

    Tell me that you release Pot has the possibility of two simultaneous translations (one up, one down) that we can select the better, like as MV2 had? Because I failed to find that option, and if it does't, it's the only defect that I found, and would urgently be added? That, and the list of translations that can be selected desired. With these two possibilities, Pot it will be almost perfect.

  2. Anonymous Reply

    have used vlc for years until I found this..this player is great

  3. Anonymous Reply

    hello! i like pot player a lot!
    but i recently installed windows on a different partition and i lost all my bookmarks, since they where stored on the other partition. don't you know where potplayer stores bookmarks on the PC so I can restore them on my new partition as well?

    • Anonymous Reply

      same problem with me, did u find out the solution? i m adding this webpage to my favorites/browser bookmarks in case you suddenly decided to comeback here after 2 years.

    • Anonymous Reply

      Potplayer bookmarks are saved in the registry at HKEY_CURRENT_USERSoftwareDAUMPotPlayerMini64

      Try exporting the relevant keys and importing in the new machine.

  4. Anonymous Reply

    Cant find the settings for colorize the play bar from blue in what ever.

  5. Anonymous Reply

    Couldn't find the Desktop Overlay mode or Desktop Mode Feature that was in KMPlayer

  6. Unknown Reply

    how to increase the speed of video in this player?
    any shortcuts?

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