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Game Downloader is a small open source download client to download open source, indie or freeware games. The program has a large server side library of free games that you can browse and download using the client program. Not only does it make downloading games easier without visiting the game’s website, it’s also a great way to discover free games you were not aware of.

This is how the program window looks like.


The Category section at the top gives access to a drop down list from where you choose a game category. Available categories include Action, Adventure, Arcade, Board games, Card Games, Fighting, First Person Shooter, Music, Platform, Puzzle, Racing, Real-Time Strategy, RPG, Simulators, and Turn based strategy.


Upon choosing a category, the Games section is populated by a list of games available in that category. According to the developer the new games are added every week. When you select a game, the program displays a description of the game, a small image usually an in-game screenshot, latest version number and Yes/No flags indicating whether the game is single player or multiplayer, if it can be played online and whether or not it requires an account to play.

Below the description are links to the game developer’s website and another one that searches YouTube for the game’s video. Another button retrieves the game’s size and displays it in a balloon notification and the last button actually downloads the game installer. By default, the downloaded game installer is saved in a folder called ‘Downloads’ inside the program’s parent directory, but the download location can be changed.

The games list as well as information about the games are retrieved from the Internet, so you have to be connected to use this application. Game Downloader requires .NET Framework 3.5 to run and is compatible with Windows XP and above.

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  1. Tim H., Dev-Fire Reply

    Thank you for sharing your interest in our project. I read your article, and appreciate you taking the time to spread the word about the Game Downloader.

    I have found that the most common problem people are experiencing, is opening the Settings window.

    Opening The Settings Window: Right-click on the program's icon in the “task tray” or “notification area” and click on settings.

    If you receive one of the information messages listed below, when starting the Game Downloader, Right-click the category drop-down list, then click on Reload.
    “The operation has timed out”
    “The remote name could not be resolved:

    More information here.

    Thank you again, if you have any further questions, suggestions, etc. please email us at [email protected]

  2. Anonymous Reply

    how can i download it?

  3. Tim H., Dev-Fire Reply

    Game Downloader 2.5 is out now 😀


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