Toy Robot Takes Cross-Country Trip via Google Street View

Just like Google Street View inspired photographer Aaron Hobson to go on virtual sightseeing around the globe collecting fascinating images for his latest project, it inspired UK based producer Tom Jenkins to make a short film. Address Is Approximate is a stop-motion animation film that tells the whimsical and inspiring story of a lonely office toy’s journey to the California coast in the only way he can – using a toy car and Google Maps Street View.

I came at this from the Google Street View side as I love the possibilities it offers. Also because we run a busy production company I wanted to create a personal project which I could work on easily around our other more commercial work, so ideally it needed to be set in our office and at night so I could have free reign! With these factors in mind I came up with the film’s simple story as everything seemed to fit.

[via The Atlantic]

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  1. happycamel Reply

    What an ingenious film. So dang cool. Mr. Hobson is talented.

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