Customize Your Facebook Timeline With Schweppes Profile App

Netherland’s beverage company Schweppes has launched a new Facebook app, the successor to the Schweppes Profile App, that lets users create a personal and customized Facebook Timeline profile page.

Last year year when Facebook changed the profile page layout, Schweppes like dozens of others, released a Facebook application to help users hack their profile page to create a unique look. Now that Facebook profile has changed again, Schweppes responded with Schweppes Profile App 2.0.


The Schweppes Profile App 2.0 is more extensive and goes beyond what was possible with version 1.0. You can add multiple pictures as layers, make image adjustment like brightness and contrast, apply filters, crop, rotate and flip images, add background color, speech bubble and polaroid like effects. It even has a paintbrush tool.

Once you are done with the customization and saved the image, a new Facebook album called ‘Schweppes Profile App 2.0’ will be created inside which you will find the cover and profile image – both clearly labeled. The final step is to go to your profile page and assign these images to the appropriate sections.

The following video offers a nice demonstration of the app.

Get Schweppes Profile App 2.0

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