Desktop Media Automatically Adds Shortcuts to USB Drives, DVDs on the Desktop

Desktop Media is small application for Windows that automatically adds shortcut icons to USB drives, CD/DVD disks and other media when you connect these devices to your computer, and then automatically remove the shortcuts when unplug the device. Additionally, Desktop Media can display shortcuts to fixed hard drive partitions on the desktop for easy access.


Desktop Media is similar to the program Desk Drive which was reviewed in the past. In fact, Desktop Media was inspired by Desk Drive but has a smaller memory footprint and more features.


Desktop Media has the following features:

  • Automatically detects new (or existing) media and adds the icons to your desktop. Supports removable, fixed, network, CD/DVD, and RAM disk drives.
  • Has the ability to create soft links (shortcuts) or hard links (symbolic links).
  • Ability to ignore user-specified drive letters.
  • Has the option to save the positions of the icons.
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  1. Anonymous Reply

    I'll stick with Desk Drive the same application that Ian Perez has been inspired from as himself acknowledges!

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