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Ethervane Echo: Portable Clipboard Manager for the Geek

Ethervane Echo is a clipboard manager or extender for Windows that automatically captures data copied to clipboard from any Windows application, stores it and lets you retrieve it easily later. Some of the striking features of Ethervane Echo are extreme customizability, integrated search, automatic sorting of clips based on length, time at which the text was copied, source application and more.

Ethervane Echo automatically sorts clips into different tabs based on a set of options and filters that determine which clips are included in a view, how they are sorted, etc. Each tab has its own options that determine sort order of clips and the maximum number of clips that a view can display, as well as a list of filters. There are tabs that lets you filter clips by time, by length, by the application they come from, or show only clips that contains a specific text. Tabs are very useful way to quickly limit the list of clips and show just the ones that are interesting to you at the moment.


The program also features a search function that lets you quickly find clips that you had copied to the clipboard. The search box accepts advanced search modes such as wildcards and logical expressions like in popular search engines.

Ethervane Echo stores clips in a database to minimize its memory footprint, but privacy-conscious users can configure Echo to use an in-memory database only, so that the clips are never saved to disk. You can even configured the program to accept clipboard entries from only specified applications.

Ethervane Echo includes many configuration options to fine-tune what clips are stored in the database and how long they are retained. The only drawback of Ethervane Echo is that it captures only text and not images, files or other data.


  • All major features available via the keyboard for fast access
  • Capturing data copied to clipboard from any Windows application, as plain text format and any number of additional, configurable formats (RTF, HTML, etc.)
  • Search using wildcards (* and ?) or advanced expressions similar to popular search engines
  • Views with user-defined sort order and filters (e.g. show only clips captured within the last hour, show only sticky clips, show only clips that were copied from Firefox, etc.)
  • Paste individual or multiple clips at a time
  • Automatic positioning of the program window next to text caret or mouse cursor
  • Clear, configurable display with text wrapping and item height depending on clip length
  • Full support for Unicode encodings (Echo database can capture, store and paste clips in multiple languages, preserving all the characters)
  • Privacy features, including ability to store clips in memory only
  • Ability to exclude (ignore) clips from certain applications
  • Automatic database maintenance
  • Importing clips from Ditto database and text files
  • Exporting clips to text files
  • Option to automatically save all captured clips to individual text files
  • Editing clips directly ("in-place") or in separate editor window
  • Spellchecker for the external editor (over 20 languages supported; dictionaries mist be installed separately)

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