Friday, March 30, 2012

3 Tools to Download Pictures from Tumblr Blogs


tumblrTumblr is a popular micro-blogging platform and social networking website suitable for short blog posts. Most Tumblr users use Tumblr blogs, called a "tumblelog”, to post multimedia content. Because it’s okay to post only images without any textual content on a tumblelog, this blogging platform is popular among photographers, artist, graphic designers and creators of different types of multimedia content. You can follow any Tumblr blog via RSS feeds, but if you wish to download and save images to your computer, you’ll have to use one of the following tools.

DownloadTumblr is a free, portable and open source tool that allows you to download as many images you want from Tumblr blogs. Simply enter the name of the Tumblr blog and the number of pages you want the program to parse, and then click on the “Scan for pics” button. The program will list the URL of all images found, and on your action download them to the directory of your choice. The only drawback is that you can’t preview the images before downloading.


Gettumblrpic is another free, portable and open source program that looks similar to DownloadTumblr. Gettumblrpic too lets you enter the name of the Tumblr blog and the number of pages to scan. However, instead of actually downloading the images it only returns the URL of the images found. It’s your job to download them whatever way you prefer. The links are automatically saved to a text file within the program directory.


tumblr-downloader is yet another free, portable and open source program for downloading images from Tumblr blogs. This program lets you specify and download images from multiple Tumblr blogs at once. Within the program directory is a text file called accounts.txt. Edit this file and enter the names of the Tumblr blogs you want to download images from. Then double click on tubmlr.jar to start downloading the images. Unliked the rest of the lot, tumblr-downloader will download images from only the first page of the Tumblr blogs.


Keep in mind, that in all these three programs you have to enter only the name of the Tumblr blog and not the complete URL. For instance, enter chappedlipsandchiclets and not


  1. For posts with photoset, it only download the first picture of the set and ignore the rest of the pics.

  2. How to download full size images?

  3. Anonymous: tumblr-downloader download high resolution images ;-)

  4. For mac I found this:

  5. Do any of these downloaders download animated GIFs. I happy tumblr-downloads high resolution photos but every animated GIF images becomes a JPG image. Dissatisfied

  6. Here's another one for windows 8.1, simply login to your account it finds what your following. and grabs the rest, I heard the guy is going to add downloading just your likes as well.

    1. As an FYI it grabs gif's as well, as the high resolution images, It also supports downloading Liked images as well. I've also tested it with photosets to make sure it grabs all the images, ( I hated it when other downloaders skipped the extra images) If anyone has a problem with it go to my website: and contact me at the bottom of the page and I'll do what I can to fix the app, or to add features/changes. It's better to contact me there then to leave a rating as I can't respond or fix things through that.

  7. For Android I found this:

  8. Recommend a nice tool: Litchi Tumblr Photo Downloader ( It's easier and more convenient to download photos and videos from tumblr blogs.

  9. I would recommend this one:

  10. in windows you can use a chrome extansion called "tumblr downloader professional".
    and on android ther is tumblr client called "stumbler" you can download all your likes and GIF's can be downloaded to.
    or tumbloader.apk to download videos, records, pics and gifs

  11. All I have to say is: Tumblripper. Trust me. It does what you need my friends


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