Bolide Free Video Slideshow Creator

We have seen a couple of pictures slideshow creators in the past such as Wondershare DVD Slideshow Builder, Wondershare Flash Gallery Factory, PhotoFilmStrip and CU3OX. There is a new entrant to the market.

Bolide Slideshow Creator is a no-frills pictures to video slideshow creator with an extremely simple but user friendly interface. You add pictures to the program and then drag them to the timeline one at a time. This way you can arrange the images in the order you wish them to appear. You then add transition effects between frames, add background music and overlay text if you want to and the save the results as a video file. The program comes with a variety of old-school transition effect such as slide-in, fade, wipe, push, dissolve, etc., that reminds me of the good old Microsoft PowerPoint 97.


At any stage of making a slideshow it is possible to watch the photos, listen to the audio and see what the transition effects look like. The program has a built-in media player and provides all the technical information of the video being made, photo duration and transition duration. The program also allows making snapshots at any moment of creating the slideshow.

Supported music files types for background score are MP3, MP4, M4A, AAC, WAV and WMA. Output video file types supported are AVI, WMV and MKV, and the video resolution can go all the way up to the full HD glory of 1920×1080.

Don’t expect a lot out of this software. But if you want to create a video slideshow at the shortest possible time, Bolide Slideshow Creator should fit the job.

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    Have you tried this photo slideshow software?

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