Automatically Process Files When you Upload them to Dropbox or Google Drive

Cloud storage services are typically meant to used for online back and to synchronize files across all multiple devices a user owns. But Wappwolf Automator permits us to use our cloud storage accounts for another purpose – to automatically process files and reupload or sync them to various other web services such as Flickr, Evernote and so on. Wappwolf currently works with Dropbox and Google Drive, and supports for SkyDrive and Box is expected to arrive soon.

Wappwolf Automator connects to your Dropbox or Google Drive account and monitors the folders of your choice. When it detects new files in the monitored folders, it performs automated actions you have define upon the newly uploaded files. Wappwolf offers a choice of actions such as convert a document to PDF, resize images, apply photo effects, email file, send file to Kindle, upload file to Facebook, Evernote, Basecamp, Flickr, and a whole lot more.


The setup process is simple enough. You authorize Wappwolf Automator to connect to your Dropbox account and access your files therein, then select a folder you want to use for automation and assign an action from the provided list. Some of the automation is provided by third party services. For instance, the convert to PDF function is provided and photo effects are provided by Photofunia. If you want to know what happens to your files once you allow Wappwolf Automator to process them you should consult the privacy policies of the services Wappwolf uses for processing.

Additionally, when connecting to a user’s Dropbox account, the user can choose between “Limited access” where Wappwolf Automator has access to only files in that particular folder and “Full access” that enables Wappwolf Automator to access all their files and folders. This choice is only available for Dropbox connection and not Google Drive.

The full list of automations suported by Wappwolf are:


Convert to PDF
Google Drive Upload
Google Cloud Print
Send to your Kindle
Slideshare Upload
E-Sign PDF
Convert eBook

Convert audio


google URL Shortener


Facebook Upload
Flickr Upload
Picasa / Google+ Upload
Convert image
Rotate image
Write text on image
30 photo effects
Stamp a logo
Remove EXIF infos
Find a similar image

Any file

Zip file
Save it to another folder
Upload to box
Upload to Microsoft SkyDrive
Upload to Sugarsync
Upload to Evernote
Upload to Basecamp project

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